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AQI intelligent detection

Intelligent operating mode:

It has a built-in indoor air quality detector that complies with the specifications of the German UBA (German Federal Environment Agency)  and automatically adjusts its operating mode based on the detected air quality .

When high pollution quality is detected, the purification efficiency is automatically increased to ensure that indoor air remains fresh and healthy.

How it works


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Dimensions: 83x83x118 mm
Weight: 350g
Material: Stainless steel, ABS, PET environmentally friendly fabric Accessories: 1 m Type C cable Power supply: 5V / 1A
Recommended power source: 5V / 2A (USB charger)
Usable area: < 8 ping (26m2)
Noise level: 21 dB
​Silent mode activation: Touch panel, three-speed switch between automatic and manual modes, long press to switch

Working efficiently starts with fresh air!
LUFT MASK smart purifier gives you no worries

The usage scenario is for illustration. Please note that the product has a built-in battery and needs to be powered by USB (5V/2A) when using it.


Eco-friendly fabric coverTo you, the personalized and fashionable person

Efficient dust collection

Second generation electrostatic ion dust collection technology

​Improve dust collection performance by 300%

​Carbon dioxide excess indication

According to AQI detection

Provide CO2 excess warning

Smart housekeeper

Based on AQI testing

Intelligent adjustment of purification efficiency

​Zero consumables

Clean the dust collection pipe

Zero consumables

SPP 3rd photocatalyst

The third generation photocatalyst formula
improves purification and decomposition efficiency by 200%

No settings required

One click plug and play


Patented three-turn airflow
creates the world’s smallest electrostatic dust collector

Three construction methods create 99.9% purification and degradation capabilities

1. Electrostatic ion dust collection: 5,000V high-voltage electric field, dust particles, mold and mildew are all adsorbed.

2. Photocatalyst purification: hydroxyl radicals and superoxide atoms can efficiently break up various odor molecules and virus structures.

3. UV light source purification: Continuous irradiation of UV light source ensures that the adsorbed living pathogens and molds will no longer breed.

For a fresh home and a healthy life, discover our air purifier: presenting you with pure beauty!

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Intelligent detection:

Air quality manager

Clean dust collection & purification and decomposition

​Complete coverage of air pollutants

In environmentally friendly water-repellent fabric

Customized wording on the surface

Smart air expert

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Personal 1 m3 strongest protective cover,Freshen and clean every breath

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