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  • How to choose between LUFTQI series, Cube and Duo?
    LUFTQI adheres to the design concept of "good air, always available" and launches two portable air purifier products. [LUFT Cube] is equipped with a front stainless steel washable filter and SPP patented photocatalyst, making it lightweight and portable. [LUFT Duo] is a powerful version of Cube. In addition to having 2 times the SPP patented photocatalyst, it also adds nano-silver particles to enhance the sterilization effect. In addition, high-concentration ions (>30 million/cm3) are injected into the pre-filter area to enhance the dust collection effect, which is one of the features of LUFTQI products. You can choose like this... [LUFT Cube, portable version] Early adopters, car deodorizers, people who value air quality when traveling, bathroom and toilet deodorizers, and travel protection [LUFT Duo, dual-effect version] air infection prevention and control, air-sensitive groups, office air protection, bedroom anti-allergy, smoke-sensitive groups
  • Which third-party certifications have LUFTQI products passed?
    Breaking down the certifications passed by LUFTQI, the main distinctions are: Environmental protection substances: EU RoHs hazardous substances restriction directive, ozone release Safety regulatory categories: EU CE certification, US FCC certification, South Korea KC electrical appliances safety verification Hazardous substance degradation categories: SGS (Staphylococcus aureus, black mold, Escherichia coli, formaldehyde, PM2.5), Taiwan and the United States inspection (Streptococcus pneumoniae, Legionella) ), CYCU Biological Laboratory (Feline Coronavirus)
  • How to prove that a product is effective against pathogenic molds or even viruses?
    Since the development of photocatalyst technology, it has been widely used in the disinfection and sterilization of air-conditioning ducts in medical institutions. For the first time, LUFTQI has reduced this photocatalyst purification technology to a small air purifier. Since product development, LUFTQI has also invested a lot of resources in conducting various mold and mildew elimination tests through third-party testing agencies, such as SGS and SuperLab. As for the coronavirus that caused the pandemic, LUFTQI also commissioned well-known domestic bat coronavirus researchers to complete research on the inactivation of coronaviruses using SPP technology. The LUFTQI team also cooperated with the Industrial Research Institute to conduct actual field verification in the bronchial room of a medical institution and confirmed the elimination effect of various germs and odors in this field. LUFT Duo has also passed the SNQ National Quality Mark Anti-epidemic Product Certification, known as the "Oscar Award of the Biotechnology Industry" in 2021, which shows the strong strength of LUFTQI. * Due to biosafety considerations, only feline coronaviruses are currently allowed to be used for inactivation testing in China, but the characteristics of coronaviruses are similar.
  • Why is LUFTQI more trustworthy than other similar products?
    LUFTQI has invested a lot of research and certification resources to verify the actual performance of the product, and has therefore been recognized by many brands and government departments for procurement. In addition to the aforementioned certifications mentioned in Q17, LUFTQI has achieved the following milestones that other small purifier brands cannot achieve. In 2018, we participated in the project of the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and field-verified the air purification efficiency of the LUFTQI air purifier in the bronchial room at the hospital site (Taoyuan Lixin Hospital). . In 2019, CYCU Biological Laboratory was entrusted to complete the evaluation of allergen degradation performance of air purifiers confirmed by fiber cells and experimental mice. In 2020, Ambassador Xiao Meiqin of the Representative Office in the United States purchased LUFT Cube and presented it to friendly officials in the United States. In 2021, won the national quality epidemic prevention product label In 2022, investment will be made through the National Development Fund.
  • 3. What are the customs duties and VAT in the designated country?
    Duties and VAT in designated countries are your responsibility. The event promoter will assist in resolving invoice amount issues whenever possible.
  • What is the space range that LUFTQI series products can be used in?
    LUFTQI series products are developed with the design concept of purifying the breathing environment around you. The theoretical basis is based on the wind field simulation results that IGP FCU assisted us in simulating: through the action of the directional shroud at close range, the purified air in the mouth and nose respiratory space is 15 times that of the large-scale purifier at the far end. Therefore, in fact, as long as the entire series of LUFTQI products are used indoors at close range, there is no specific space limit for use. It is recommended that you use it on bedside tables in the sleeping area, computer desks in the office area, driving and commuting, etc., for the best effect. Considering the purification efficiency of the machine, we still provide the following space coverage for your reference: LUFT Cube: 3 square feet ( ~ 10m2 / ~ 100 ft2 ) LUFT Duo: 6 square feet ( ~ 20m2 / ~ 200 ft2 ) LUFT MASK: 8 ping ( ~ 27 m2 / 260 ft2 )
  • Can the LUFTQI series of products operate around the clock?
    The maximum consumption of LUFT Cube / Duo products is 2W / 4W respectively, and the heat generation is very small. You can keep the LUFT Cube/Duo running 24/7 and only need to bear a very low electricity bill every year to ensure the health of the air we breathe.
  • What is the service life of an air purifier?
    Theoretically, the photocatalyst will not be consumed. In practical applications, the effectiveness of the photocatalyst is affected by the large number of dust particles in the air covering the surface of the photocatalyst, causing the effectiveness of the photocatalyst to gradually weaken. LUFTQI has taken this into consideration and optimized the design. The bottleneck of product life is currently mainly the continuously rotating magnetic levitation fan. Its design life MTBF is 40,000 hours. You can turn it on 24 hours a day and use it with peace of mind.
  • How often does it take to clean the filter? Do you really not need consumables?
    LUFTQI uses a stainless steel antibacterial filter. Depending on the air pollution conditions of the environment where it is used, it can be cleaned once every one to three months! The latest environmentally friendly design, no need to replace consumables, saving you thousands of dollars every year! ※Note that the machine body cannot be washed directly with water.
  • How to confirm the effect of such a small machine?
    You and I both have noses that are more sensitive than any sensor. Put LUFTQI in places with obvious odors, such as cars, bathrooms, and places with poor air circulation. In a bedroom that smells of musty or smoke, your sense of smell will tell you the answer after running it for ten minutes.
  • Is there a built-in battery? How long does it last on a single charge?
    The entire LUFTQI series does not contain batteries and is not rechargeable. Therefore, when using LUFTQI products, you need to connect an external USB plug (5V/2A or above recommended). Continuous operation. If you need mobile use, you can use a general power bank for power supply, or purchase a mobile power bank from our official website for use.
  • Can LUFTQI series products replace large HEPA type purifiers?
    No. LUFTQI series models are positioned as exclusive purifiers for your personal breathing space and provide personal respiratory protection masks. Large-scale HEPA purifier can clean dust particles in your living space. LUFTQI accompanies you when sleeping, working, driving, and traveling. It is a good helper for purifying your personal breathing space.
  • 11. Is the ultraviolet light inside the product harmful to the human body?
    LUFTQI uses UVA LED light source as the energy source to excite the photocatalyst. The design has kept most of the ultraviolet light energy inside the reaction chamber, and a small amount of leaked ultraviolet light is After multiple refraction spills, the energy is far lower than the exposure energy of one minute of exposure to the sun in summer, and will not cause harm to the human body. However, it is still not recommended to look inside the machine with your eyes close.
  • Can you deal with those odors?
    Among the many purification technologies, the photocatalyst deodorization effect is the best! LUFTQI's SPP patented photocatalyst uses nanotechnology to achieve sensory deodorization of the product, which has been well received. If you have food residue smell, smoke smell, musty smell, oil smoke smell, pet smell, etc., we can help you in various occasions. ( Unboxing test link )
  • Is there any way to make a smaller portable neck-mounted version?
    For a photocatalyst to be effective, the area of the photocatalyst is the key point. Since the neck-mounted photocatalyst purifier can only use a smaller volume, the actual photocatalyst decomposition effect is minimal. At present, most of the solutions adopted by neck-mounted negative ion machines are negative ion purification methods. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA*) report, once charged dust particles enter the respiratory tract, they will be difficult to remove. Therefore, neck-mounted negative ion machines have potential risks. . Please refer to the US Environmental Protection Agency for more information.
  • How does the LUFT Cube work in the car?
    LUFT Cube can help you remove common pollution or odors from your car. - Decomposes harmful organic volatile odors from new cars, which will be absorbed by the human body and increase the burden on the human body. LUFT Cube can reduce the smell inside a new car after 2 days of operation. - Decompose food, sweat and other mixed odors in the car: After one hour of operation and 8 cycles of degradation, you can find that the smell begins to fade in the first cycle (that is, within 10 minutes). - Improve driving concentration: Can’t concentrate while driving and want to sleep? It is very likely that your body is using energy to decompose the volatile organic gases that continue to be emitted in the car after being exposed to high temperatures. Let LUFT Cube help you~~
  • What is the applicable range of LUFT Cube?
    1. LUFT Cube is designed for use in small spaces, with a maximum applicable range of 3 square meters. 2. Its main purpose is to provide personal fresh air for fixed locations, such as driving and business trips. 3. When used in specific locations, LUFT Cube can effectively provide fresh, clean air to optimize the breathing environment.
  • What is LUFT Duo suitable for?
    LUFT Duo is mainly suitable for slightly larger spaces, with a maximum applicable range of 6 square meters. It is designed to provide personal fresh air in fixed locations, such as the living room while watching TV or sleeping. By placing the LUFT Duo in specific locations, it effectively delivers fresh, clean air to optimize your breathing environment.
  • Why is LUFT Duo called a [dual-effect] purifier?
    In order to enhance air purification, LUFT Duo is equipped with two different SPP photocatalyst formulas. In addition to the TiO2 formula that quickly decomposes odors, the second set of SPP module formulas specifically adds Ag ions with excellent antibacterial effects. The antibacterial ability is therefore Improved by 100% and passed third-party sterilization tests for coronavirus, Streptococcus pneumoniae, and Legionella bacteria. Even NOx and SOx (nitrogen oxides and sulfides) commonly emitted from automobiles and motorcycles can also be decomposed.
  • What is the difference between the ion dust collection technology of LUFT Duo and the negative ion models claimed by other manufacturers?
    Unlike other brands that release negative ions around the machine, resulting in the so-called [black wall effect], the dust particles do not really disappear, and the dust falling off the machine often Form a secondary source of pollution. LUFTQI uses the effect of negative ions to charge dust particles. It is deliberately designed to keep negative ions in the machine equipment, so that the passing airflow is charged and collected on the stainless steel dust collection net, dust particles The pollutants can be cleaned regularly through the filter, so that it will not cause secondary pollution problems that are common in other brands.
  • What is the scope of application of LUFT MASK?
    LUFT Mask is designed to be suitable for larger spaces, with a maximum applicable range of 8 square meters. It is suitable for consumers to use in specific locations, such as driving or in the office, or while sleeping. By placing the LUFT Mask close to your body, it effectively delivers fresh, clean air, making your breathing environment more comfortable.
  • What are the differences between Mask and the previous two generations of products?
    The difference between MASK and Cube/Duo is mainly in performance improvement and detection function. MASK is a high-end version of a personal air purifier, In terms of dust collection performance, the performance is improved by 600% of Cube and 300% of Duo. In terms of deodorizing performance, the performance improvement is 250% of Cube and 125% of Duo. More added, AQI sensors that comply with the air quality monitoring specifications of the German Environmental Protection Agency, During operation, the air quality is constantly detected and the operating wind speed is automatically adjusted. The best smart housekeeper to protect your critical breathing space.
  • What are the precautions for touch function?
    A: Please note that the MASK control method is capacitive touch to change gears, no need to press hard. In actual use, if there is a problem with poor touch sensing, please confirm the following two points: 1. Confirm that the machine is in manual mode and the [A] light is not on. Manual/automatic mode switching: Touch the touch circle area with your finger for 3 seconds to switch. 2. For USB power supply, please choose a power supply of 5V/2A or above, or a USB socket that supports PD fast charging specifications. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact the official LINE @luftqi. Service staff will be available online at any time to serve you.
  • What are the precautions for air quality/CO2 detection function?
    MASK uses imported sensing components that comply with German air quality standards and is very sensitive to organic odors. Please pay attention to the following when using it; 1. Within 1 minute after powering on, the AQI sensing element performs environmental reading correction, and the light will not light up. 2. Do not spray volatile liquids such as alcohol or perfume near the machine to test the sensing function. 3. The machine's lights switch frequently in the vicinity. This may be because the environmental reading value is just around the dividing line of the light display. You can move the machine to different usage environments and observe whether the light changes are still the same? For example, if it was originally used at home, it is moved to a company for use. 4. If you have multiple MASKs, you may sometimes find that the light displays on the two MASKs are inconsistent. This is normal, This reason may be caused by the inherent testing error of the sensing components when they leave the factory.
  • Mask Product Manual
  • Product manual
    Product manual (CN) Manual(EN) Getting Instructions (JP) 제품설명서(KR)
  • Product manual
    Product manual (CN) Manual(EN) Getting Instructions (JP) 제품설명서(KR)
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