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"This store sells TYPE-C charging heads, which can be used with the air purifiers sold in the store."

✔️The general agent of iwalk in Taiwan - has obtained BSMI certification and original factory authorization, one-year warranty

✔️Full-color extended version-Traditional Chinese packaging instructions-Please identify the safety certification font size and the original authentic label

[Product Features]

Military-standard mobile phone cases can also be charged

No need to bring a cord, just plug in and use

Super textured tone-unique appearance design

Passed BSMI/Rohs/CE/FC safety certification

Convenient, lightweight, beautiful and distinctive power bank

The pocket power supply uses the same cable as your mobile phone - no need to change cables

A good helper when traveling, the capacity of one tablet is just right, so you will have absolutely no trouble carrying it around.

⭐Reason for choosing us⭐

✔️Full color extended version - can be charged even in thick phone cases

✔️Insured with Fubon Property & Casualty Insurance for RMB 20 million and foreign-related property insurance - double protection

✔️Our products have passed Taiwan Commodity Inspection-BSMI certification

【Product parameters】

Product name: Pocket treasure 4th generation

Product model: DBL4500L

BSMI certification font size: R55885

Battery capacity: 4500mAh (3.6v/16.2wh)

Rated/actual capacity: 2800mAh

Product output port: Lightning/Type-c Apple models do not come with a cable - you can charge it with a lightning cable

Input: 5v/1.5a

Output: 5v/1.5a

Size: 77*47*26mm

Weight: 92g

iWalk fourth generation plug-in power bank (type-c model)

Sales Tax Included
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